Bog Time Series Results!

We post about bog sampling at least once year, but with long-term time series such as ours, we haven’t shared much about results… well, today is the day! We recently published our paper “Bacterial community composition and dynamics spanning five years in freshwater bog lakes,” which details the results from our 2005-2009 bog data. Here’s a quick, illustrated summary:


  • Bogs that are deeper have more unique bacterial groups


  • The types and abundances of bacteria found are unique to each lake, and are more distinct in hypolimnia than in epilimnia (on this plot, points that are closer together have more similar bacterial communities)


  • Each year also has a unique bacterial community (A-C)
  • Differently lakes have different amounts of variability in their communities (D)


  • Despite all this variability at the community level, we still found that many bacterial groups showed the same amounts of persistence, abundance, and variation in abundance in every year and lake.

Still curious? Check out the full paper here.



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