Microbial Ecology in the Fall Semester

Your guide to learning about microbial ecology at UW-Madison this semester!  Here’s what’s on the McMahon Lab calendar. Click on the links for more info on each seminar series. Hope to see you there!

Bacteriology Department Seminar Thursdays at 3:30, Ebling Symposium in Microbial Sciences Building

Bess Ward, Nov. 10                   Marine nitrogen cycling

Maren Friesen, Nov. 17           Plant microbiomes

Center for Limnology SeminarWednesdays at 12:00, 102 Water Sciences

Heather Tallis, Sep. 28              The ties that bind us: Explorations of socio-ecological systems and ecosystem services in conservation

Zoology Biology ColloqiumThursdays at 3:30, Birge Hall B302

Lee Dugatkin, Dec. 15                 Altruism writ small: E. coli and antibiotic resistance

Medical Microbiology & Immunology SeminarFridays at 12:00, 6201 Microbial Sciences

Jean-Michael Ané, Nov. 11        Sweet Talks and Trade Deals in Plant-Microbe Symbioses

Qbio Seminar Series Wednesdays at 2:00, Orchard View Room in WID (3rd floor)

Shu Pan, Sep. 21                         Computational modeling and high-throughput                            experiments  for direct identification of gene functions

Ophelia Venturelli, Nov. 9      Reverse engineering synthetic ecologies from the human gut microbiome

Gheorghe Craciun, Nov. 16    Persistance, permanence, and homeostasis in biological interaction networks

Special Events:

Wisconsin Ecology Symposium, Oct. 13-14, 140 Weeks Hall

Water@UW-Madison Poster Session, Oct. 28, 3-5PM, WID


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