GEODES Progress Report

Last week, we began our giant experiment studying bacterial gene expression on day/night cycles. This was in many ways the most difficult week of the experiment, as it took place at UW Trout Lake Station in Minocqua, WI. While UW TLS is a fantastic research station with great facilities, we still had to figure out how to get certain reagents such as liquid nitrogen, labelled carbon isotope, and dry ice to the northwoods of Wisconsin. It was also the tightest schedule of the sampling – we only had one extra day in case of bad weather during the four days of sampling. However, I’m excited to announce that we pulled it off! We have 112 RNA samples safely stored at -80C, and only had to replace one timepoint due to a thunderstorm. Overall, it was a very successful field campaign! Anyone who does field work can tell you that things never go quite as planned once you’re out in the wilderness, so we’re pretty happy with the past week. We were even featured on Minocqua’s local news!

This week, we’re continuing GEODES by sampling Lake Mendota every 4 hours, starting Thursday at 5AM and finishing Saturday at 1AM. You may spot us coming and going from the Center for Limnology (on the start of the Lakeshore Path by Memorial Union), or at our sampling location in University Bay, directly between the tip of Picnic Point and Van Hise.

To get updates on our sampling, you can check the feed to the right of this post, or follow the Twitter hashtag #RNAGEODES. Also, lab member Sarah Stevens will be hosting a live feed of one of the sampling timepoints this Friday around 5PM – we’ll post more information about how to find that here and on Twitter earlier on Friday.

See you on the other side!



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