RNA Field Work

After all of our planning for GEODES (Gene Expression in Oligotrophic, Dystrophic, and Eutrophic Systems), the time for field work is finally here! The goal of this experiment is to learn more about how bacterial communities process carbon in freshwater by looking at their gene expression over short time scales. Starting early Wednesday morning, we’ll be at UW Trout Lake Station collecting samples from Sparkling Lake. We’ll take samples every 4 hours for 48 hours from this lake, then start all over again from the nearby Trout Bog. Then next week, we’ll drive back to Madison to sample Lake Mendota as well. But the fun isn’t over after Mendota – we’ll still need to process all of the samples we collect, which will likely take several weeks.

We’ll be tweeting during the whole process, so follow the hashtag #RNAGEODES or check the feed to the right of this post to learn about our progress over the next few weeks. Wish us luck!



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