Your Guide to Microbial Ecology in the Spring Semester

Although the spring semester has officially begun, it does not feel like spring here in Madison. Despite earlier concerns, the weather has cooled down enough for our lakes to freeze. Here in the McMahon Lab, we’ve had  a productive winter break! We published two new papers over the break:

We’re also looking ahead to many great seminars and events this semester! If you’d like to learn more about microbial ecology, here’s a few to get you started.
Trina is speaking at Science on Tap in Minocqua on Feb 3rd! Details and a livestream of the event here.
The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences is hosting a symposium on microbiome research on April 20th. Great line up of speakers, including Dr. Jo Handelsman, science advisor to the president! Register here.
The annual campus-wide Undergraduate Research Symposium will be held April 14th. Come see research by McMahon Lab undergraduates! Details here.
Environmental Engineering Graduate Seminar – Tues. 12:05 in 2535 Mechanical Engineering
  • Lab members presenting: Ben Oyserman (1/26), Chris Lawson (2/16), Pancho Moya (3/29), and Pame Camejo (4/5). The first seminar is 1/26 and it runs until 5/30.

Microbiology Doctoral Training Program Seminar – Wed. 12:05 in 1520 Microbial Sciences

  • Lab members presenting: Sarah Stevens (4/6) and Grace Shrader (5/4). Full schedule here.

Limnology and Marine Sciences Seminar – Wed. 12:00 in 102 Water Sciences and Engineering Laboratory

  • Lab member Robin Rohwer is presenting on 3/9. Full schedule here.

Dept. of Bacteriology Distinguished Lectures in Microbiology – Thurs. 3:30 in 1220 Microbial Sciences

  • Microbial ecology talks include Prof. Mark Mandel (1/28), Prof. Garret Suen (2/4), Prof. Rachel Gallery (2/18), and Prof. Nicole Koropratkin (5/5). There are many other fantastic speakers as well; see the full schedule here.

Genomics Seminar Series – Thurs. 1:30 in 1111 Biotechnology Center

  • This series has a strong start with Prof. Jack Gilbert on 1/21. Full schedule pending

Biology Colloquium – Thurs. 3:30 in 168 Noland

  • Microbial ecology talks include Prof. Linda Graham (1/28), Prof. Woei-Fuh Wang (3/31), Prof. Serita Frey (4/14), and Prof. Jason Kwan (4/21). Full schedule here.

Biodesign Biocatalyst Series – varied

  • Kathryn Fixen, “Understanding how a photosynthetic bacterium works”, Feb 2nd 3:30 in 1220 Microbial Sciences
  • Lauren Woodruff, “Programming Cells by Genetic Design”, Feb 4th 4:00 in 1610 Engineering Hall
  • Paul O’Maille, “Functional radiation and enzyme specialization in terpene biosynthesis: Origin and action of antimicrobials”, Feb 9th 3:30 in 1211 Biochemical Sciences
  • Ophelia Venturelli, “Resource trade-offs in microbial systems: from genetic circuits to multi-species communities” Feb 17th 4:00 in 1610 Engineering Hall

Qbio Lecture Series – Wed 2:00 in 3rd Floor Orchard View Room, Wisconsin Discovery Building

  • First lecture is Prof. Sailendharan Sudakaran speaking about the evolution of insect microbiomes. Full schedule here.

Medical Microbiology and Immunology Seminar – Fri 12:00in 152o Microbial Sciences

  • Speakers include Prof. David Relman (3/4) on the human microbiome and Prof. Kris Saha on CRISPR-Cas9 editing of human embroynic cells; full schedule here.

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