Winogradsky Update

It’s been just over 2 weeks since the Winogradsky columns were established, and they are well on their way to developing thriving bacterial communities. After getting off to a rough start with completely black water and sediment, the malic acid addition column has increased water clarity and green growth on the walls. It is still producing a lot of gas – pockets are visible in the sediment, and bubbles emerge every now then. It’s a good thing we did not seal off the column – they have been known to explode when too much gas is produced! The chitin addition column is also rather green, but does not have pockets of gas.

20150727_110958The small scale columns are showing some remarkable stratification, and some red growth at the very bottom of the tubes.

20150727_111129We are taking lots of pictures and hope to put together a time lapse video as these develop further – stay tuned!

– Alex


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