A Chilly Start at Trout Lake

Our summer field work at UW Trout Lake Station began this week, although it didn’t feel all that warm out… in fact, it snowed on Tuesday!

DSC_0183 DSC_0184

Luckily, it warmed up enough on Wednesday and Thursday to do our outdoors work. For the bog time series, this meant bringing boats out to the bogs and clearing out the trails. Cristina started up another experiment – she’s investigating bacterial community disturbance by growing biofilms on plexiglass and then moving them to different depths. This week, we put the sheets of plexiglass in Trout Lake to start growing bacteria.


We wore some awesome survival suits – even though the air temperature was in the 60’s, the water was still very cold


However, they were difficult to move around in.


Cristina rocking the jumpsuit and ready to do some field work


Taking a break and enjoying the sunshine

Overall, it was a smooth start to the field season!

– Alex


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